Friday, April 1, 2016

Swiss Alps and the English Coast

Oi! What an adventure! I was fortunate enough to spend my spring break in the stunning Swiss Alps and along the Coastal path in Southwest England :)

After a long and hard winter quarter at school, I knew that I needed to do something drastically different for my spring break. Something that did NOT require me to sit hours on end looking at a computer screen. So, the only thing to do was to book a flight to Europe ;) Luckily, I have some very dear friends living all over the globe that are always up for having visitors. In Switzerland, I was able to visit my friend Vera who lives in Neuchatel, a region found in the Jura mountains. There was definitely a lot more snow than I had expected at this time of the year, but I didn't let that stop me from running! I had a glorious day in the mountains, climbing ice walls, traversing ridge lines and running on top of snow in the sunshine. In total, I was able to run 15 miles at a reasonable altitude with plenty of climbing, a perfect day in the mountains :)

 After playing for a few more days in the alps, I flew over to England to meet up with two more friends where we attempted to camp and hike the coastal path. The first day was great. I was able to run around 8 miles and meet the others on the trail to continue walking for a further 9 miles. I absolutely love this path. I have hiked it in the past and fell in love with it. It can be rather bleak at times, especially during the winter, but it has a certain beauty to it that you don't really see anywhere else. After that day though, Hurricane Katie hit with gusts up to 80 mph, so to say the least, we had to pack up camp and head back to my friends apartment. We still had some lovely walks along the coast though.

So after all that running in the mountains and hills, my legs feel much stronger. I have started to increase my mileage. My foot has been giving me less trouble. If take care of it in the evenings with lots of massage and stretching, then it's happy to run the next day. So I'm hoping with time, the pain will completely dissipate.... fingers crossed!

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